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  • Work in progress: The Collector The Collector, working still 1, Alexandra Crouwers, 2017

    The Collector is a multiscreen video installation, combined with a series of prints. The work is linked to works of literature such as ‘Locus Solus’ by Raymond Roussel (1914), and ‘Life a user’s manual’ by George Perec (1978). Both books dwell through imaginary surroundings: Perec meanders through an appartment building in Paris, Roussel gives the reader a tour on an read more

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  • Pulsar. Just the tip.

    With Fia Cielen, Alexandra Crouwers, Lydia Debeer, Manu Engelen 07.10 – 30.10 Opening: 07.10, 19:00

Recent work

  • The White Hide [IV], Slide & videoprojection, no sound, 2016, Alexandra Crouwers