The works of Alexandra Crouwers (1974) continuously oscillate between various media, sets of ideas, landscape and architecture, silence and sound, materiality and immateriality, technology and a broad sense of art history.

Crouwers works mainly with digital media. Her works can be described as collages. Her images and animations are build up with 3D software and post-production. To her, the ‘virtual atelier’ behind her computer screen is similar to a physical studio, only without the burdens of gravity, storage, or logistics. The digital realm has its own challenges, though.

Throughout the years, certain themes reoccur regularly: science fiction, eschatology and apocalyptic imagery, architectural structures, deserted landscapes, references to quantum mechanics and astronomy, time and decay, animals, and a sense of suspense.

Some works touch on the subject of ecology, or ecological collapse. Others suggest portals to other worlds; windows to possible futures or parallel universes.

Crouwers is interested in the exhibition space as a whole, not only in individual works of art. Many of her works are presented in modular clusters, and often mix media.

Next to her artistic practise, Crouwers writes about art, language and literature, and works as an audivisual/graphic designer. She has been involved in curatorial projects, theatre, stage design, and music videos, and was a guest teacher at various art schools in The Netherlands and Belgium.