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Projection on transparent holographic foil, mounted on window, HD (883 x 1920px), colour/silent, 22’00”, 2017     A custom made variation of the work ‘Rosetta‘. ‘Chisel’ is a hypnotic loop of slowly animated ornaments and other elements. A … Lees Meer

Last Voices

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Still from Last Voices, Soundtrack courtesy Anyon (Ernest van den Broek), HD, 6’00”, 2017 Bewaren Bewaren About Last Voices HD, colour/sound, 6’00”, 2017. Soundtrack courtesy Anyon (Ernest van de Broek). How strange it may seem, ‘Last Voices’ is … Lees Meer

Galactic Ripple

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  Galactic Ripple. Seamless animation loop, 4K, vertical, colour/silent, 2’00”, 2017 A video-collage, combining photography with 3D models, and a slowly animated NASA universe picture.       Bewaren Bewaren Bewaren Bewaren


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Installation view, Studio Omstand, Arnhem (NL), 2016 About Rosetta was made for the Horst arts & music festival in the castle of Horst (Holsbeek, B). During the festival the video was projected outside, on the castle’s tower. Afterwards, … Lees Meer

The Manual

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The Manual, installation view at D.ART, Mechelen, 2015 About The Manual shows a human/animal hybrid figure wearing headphones, and sitting at a table in what appears to be an office. Various objects appear in front of the character, … Lees Meer

The White Hide [III]

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The White Hide 3-channel hyperpanoramic video installation (3xHD1080), colour, sound, 5’31”, 2013 About A slow travel movement through a post-apocalyptic landscape, from dusk till dawn. Hologram-like elements pop up and disappear again, together with gas-outbursts and volcano eruptions. … Lees Meer

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