Solo show at Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp. Winter 2009 – 2010. Based on a 5 minute drive through the town of Dunsmuir in North California, during a road trip from Los Angeles to Mount St. Helens. Including murals, video, prints on paper, and a wooden gate.



HD animation, text, 3’34”, sound/colour, 2009

An eye-witness report on an accidental passage of less than five minutes through the town of Dunsmuir in the mountains of northern California, set against the background of the dorment volcano Shasta.

Soundtrack: ‘Seance on a wet afternoon’ by John Barry.
Text: © Alexandra Crouwers, 2009
Thanks to Ashley A. Poole & Jeremy Oversier, Fonds BKVB Amsterdam, BKKC Tilburg and RAID Projects, Los Angeles.