NEXT: 16.04.2011 – 14.05.2011 
A new installation: “The Order of Volume I” at LhGWR, Stationsweg 55, The Hague. Opening saturday april 16, 17.00 hrs. Do not miss it, since experiencing an installation live is much better than try to get grip on its documentation.
DONE: Above, the PhdArts programme application. Dossier in three fold, result of almost a year’s work. Let’s hope for the best. 
DONE: Official release of “The Cover Mountain” at the Demian Bookstore. The book is still available at the bookstore or through me and probably also after the opening at LhGWR. The special edition with print is almost sold out so if you want one, be quick. Below, some photos of the presentation, which was fun fun fun (photos by Jess de Gruyter, who apparently took 168 of them, most of them out of focus, haha, and some of the rest with me in them, unfortunately):

Jan Verpooten and his explanatory lecture on the subject of his text in the book/mag; the biological origins of art.
Romeo Hoornaert looking impressive.

The comedy duo Antoine B. and Mauro P. performing “De Ballade van Ik Bahnanen”. Very ethnic.

The greyhaired man with the striped sweater is René Franken, owner of the Demian bookstore/publishing house. Thanks to everyone who was there and everyone who’s already bought or ordered a copy.