25/09/10 – 03/10/10 EGO
an exhibition curated by Ikonoklast
takes place at Gory’s Residence Kissinger
Boomgaardstraat 143
Antwerp, Belgium
opening 25/09/10 at 20.00 hrs, free cocktails and sponsored beer and afterwards there’s some hip afterparty or something. Below is the flyer for that. I don’t know any of the names on this flyer, but I like the design somewhat. In case you can’t read the names on the invitation for the exhibition, here are the names that I know, starting with the wonderful Fia Cielen, who is, as it happens, also in the S.M.A.K. exhibition on James Ensor (see below) and in the book I’m trying to work on in between things. And then there’s Yannick Val Gesto and Patricia Ghijssens.

The works shown at Kissinger are based on photos Ikonoklast (a collective of party photographers) made during what seemed to be, according to the pictures they’ve send the participants, a rather disturbing party a couple of months ago. At this point I have no (well, maybe a vague) idea what I’m going to do with this. I’m quite busy since I promised to finish the drawings for the comic book before the end of this month.

Opening on saturday, october 30, at 14.00 hrs.
9000 Ghent
an exhibition that celebrates James Ensor’s 150th birthday, with an impressive amount of artists, amongst which also a bunch of contemporary ones. I’m remaking the animation for the installation, that’s based on the installation in SecondRoom last spring. Also the walldrawing itself will be adjusted to the space.