Missing Link, 2013. Curatorial project in Artspace Flipside, Eindhoven.

With: Fia Cielen, Geoffrey de Beer, Tim Vanhamel, Hans Biezen, Filip Vervaet, Kelly Richardson, Lisa Jeannin & Rolf Schuurmans, Bart Van Dijck, Erwin van Looveren, Jan Dietvorst, Yannick Val Gesto, Guy Rombouts.

The square exhibition box of Flipside was divided in clusters, combining works of various artists and media in a dim lit setting.



The White Hide I | 3 slideprojectors, tape, videoloop-projection | Installation view at Factor 44, Antwerp | 2012
See also IV


Installation view at ‘Visions Fugitives’, Le Fresnoy, Fr, 2012



Drawings | large format | ink and acrylic marker on paper | 2010 – 2011


The Order of Volume [I], installation view at LhGWR gallery, The Hague, 2011



Installation view at ‘Hareng Saur’, SMAK, Ghent, 2010-2011



Dunsmuir, solo exhibition at Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp, 2009. An exhibition in 3 narrative parts: a start, middle and end. Based on a 5 minute drive through the town of Dunsmuir in the North of California during a residency in Los Angeles, summer 2009.




Working period FLACC, Genk, 2008





Versus, mural and tubelights, Pénultimo, Factor 44, 2006.
Versus, mural and tubelights, Pénultimo, Factor 44, 2006.




NBKS bredaphoto 2005, Alexandra Crouwers
Breda Photo, NBKS, 2005. 2 Lightboxes, wood, tubelights.




Untitled | 5 x seamless animationloops, each producing its own, soft sound, on 7″ LCD screens | Installation view at ‘Sugarfree’, Netwerk, Aalst | 2005


Exhibition views | TAG, The Hague, NL | 2004


2010 – 2018 | various editions




6000 Watt, curatorial project, 2003

An exhibition project in a monumental empty builing in Antwerp’s city center. Including works by Ad de Jong, Jan Dietvorst, Derk Thijs, Paul Hendrikse, Marc Bijl, Iris van Dongen, Robert-Jan Verhagen, Martijn F. Overweel, Erik van Lieshout (Eindhoven), Rogier Walrecht, Femke de Roos, Nanda Smits, Alexandra Crouwers, Tessa Joosse, Pieter Dobbelsteen, Peter Lemmens, Rolf Schuurmans, Maartje Fliervoet, …