19.10 – 27.10.2013

‘Missing Link’ was a low-budget exhibition-experiment in the context of the Dutch Design Week programme at the Artspace Flipside in Eindhoven.

Participating artists: Hans Biezen, Antoine Boute, Geoffrey De Beer, Fia Cielen, Jean De Lacoste, Jan Dietvorst, Bart Van Dijck, Lisa Jeannin & Rolf Schuurmans, Erwin Van Looveren, Kelly Richardson, Guy Rombouts, Yannick Val Gesto, Tim Vanhamel, Filip Vervaet.

The concept was to transform the space of Artspace Flipside from the regular exhibition setting of a white cube into a darkened ritual space, reminding of prehistoric caves, churches or temples. The art works were put together in assembled clusters; there was no name sign or guide for the visitors to see which work was made by which artist. In that sense, the exhibition could be seen as a research for putting contemporary art ‘objects’ into a wider art-historical context of art presentation. It was also a way for me to find out whether I could use other artists works as components of a setting that could, as an installation as a whole, be part of my own work.

The challenge was to combine sculpture and 2-dimensional works such as drawings and prints with video-projections, all in one space.