Lierop, The Plot, Crouwers, informatiebord, Moorsel

Lierop, The Plot, Crouwers, informatiebord, Moorsel

Lierop, The Plot, Crouwers, informatiebord, Moorsel

Information panel (print on dibond mounted on wood, QR code, 118 x 71cm) in custom weathering steel frame, 2022

Permanent installation at The Plot (Lierop, NL). Steel frame with irregularly interchanging information panels, installed in May 2022.

Made possible with the kind support of Kunstloc Brabant and the organization of Outdoor EnZo.

See also this installation of five information panels in the Antwerp Brialmont Park in the Summer of 2021.

Above: digital copy of the information panel and frame (click on the image for a 3D view). The model is available via NFT on the Tezos blockchain. Follow the QR code to summon the model as an AR sculpture on mobile (if the device is capable of displaying AR. Click on the little square in the bottom right of the image and follow the instructions on your mobile device):

Virtual panel as AR sculpture, placed in Middelheimmuseum’s bark beetle parcel, Antwerp, 2023.

51° 24‘ 49.8” N, 5° 39‘ 19.9” E
This is The Plot.

In the Summer of 2019, a small family forest fell victim to a bark beetle infestation. Unusually mild winters caused larvae numbers to explode while extreme drought weakened the otherwise more resilient trees. Expanding patches of dead forest can be found from the North Sea coast to the Baltics and Romania.

The clearcut became The Plot: a witness to the climatological system crisis, and a portal for ecological grief. How do we deal with this new type of loss? What is The Plot telling us? How can biodiversity be restored if it doesn’t get a chance anymore to do so? And what constitutes as ‘nature’ when it’s being confused with a park?