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News & Upcoming

  • October 2019 – October 2023: PhD in arts in animation at Luca, School of Arts Brussels / KU Leuven. See also the blogs-in-progress The Appeal of the Unreal and, in a recent research development, Solastalgia @ The Appeal of the Unreal.
  • March – April 2020: Artist in residency at Residency Unlimited, New York (update: due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this residency was cut short).
  • Until the Summer of 2020, The Three Motions of Loom are on view at Museum Vleeshuis, Antwerp. Please note: only by appointment or during a guided tour.

15 Minutes, a compilation with fragments of video installations and video works. Links below open in YouTube. Please watch the videos full screen and use headphones or external speakers.

  • 00:14 The_Archive (Te pito o te kainga) Seamless loop, HD, colour/sound, 10’00”, 2017
  • 01:52 Inertia 3-channel installation, HD, colour/sound, 10’00”, 2014 – 2015 Main film
  • 04:56 Inertia 3-channel installation, HD, colour/sound, 10’00”, 2015 Installation view/registration Collectie de Groen, Arnhem, 2017
  • 07:12 The White Hide [IV] Video-projection on analog slide projection, endless loop, 2016
  • 07:47 Galactic Ripple Seamless loop, vertical, 4K, colour/silent, 2’00”, 2017
  • 08:34 Last Voices HD, colour/sound, 6’00”, 2017 Soundtrack courtesy Anyon/Ernest van den Broek
  • 12:09 Millennial.spike Seamless loop, HD, colour/sound, 5’30”, 2018
  • 13:55 Onder een koperen hemel Videopoem, HD, colour/sound, 3’50”, 2018 Texts by Stefan Hertmans