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Short news

VIS Nordic Journal for Artistic Research published my peer reviewed exposition in their ‘Contagion’ issue. The exposition is a non-linear multimedia scrollable interpretation of a scientific poster, best to be viewed on a desktop computer.

Many thanks to reviewer Sepideh Karami.

  • , five information panels, are on view in Park Brialmont in Antwerp.
  • One set of The Three Motions of Loom are installed at Museum Vleeshuis, Antwerp. Please note: only by appointment or during a guided tour.
  • NFTs! Scroll down.
  • See also my exhibition on the new experimental platform of www.alterhen.art

Limited edition video, .gifs, 3d models, and other digital born works.

The account functions as a historical storefront containing works from my digital archive. You can now own a piece of my process, each work being a node in a network.

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The Fundamental Mechanics dedicated account, and my first NFTs.

Read all about it here.

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