Complicit, spatial installation with two videos and bean bags, healing room, pink light, alexandra crouwers


Vertical 4k video (2.160 x 3.840px, 19:6), colour/audio, 4’20”, 02022
HD video, colour/silent, 6’00”, 02020-02022
Pink light, custom bean bags, curtain
Installation views at Collectie De Groen (NL)

Complicit first emerged as a chapter in Mistakes. The artist talk (02020). It has been reworked as a website (css3 animation) and as a .gif animation. This is the healing room version.

Every self help trajectory starts with the subject taking responsibility: acknowledge the problem, and accept one’s role in it. Only then, the healing can commence.

Complicit uses the visual cues and auditive tropes of new age meditative spaces to nudge the visitor into accepting collective blame concerning the ecological and climatological system crisis. It’s an attempt to address the global crisis as a shared mental blockade that first needs solving in order to finally move on to tackling the issues at hand.

Needless to say the installation is massively confusing: a harsh message wrapped in soft light, comfortable seats, and a soothing soundtrack.