Installation view Cluster I. Photo by George Knegtel.

The exhibition project Lost_Horizon | Lost_Horizon.backup originated from an attempt to escape the ‘black box’ my video works are almost always presented in. Also, I introduce and combine various media and visual languages into clusters, referencing baroque altars but also prehistoric cave paintings.

Most of the works are the result of a condensed 2-month working period.

During the working period an external hard drive broke down. This .backup was also on display.

Works include:

  • 2 Wallpaper / mural prints
  • 3 seamless animation loops on flatscreens (2x HD, 1x 4K)
  • 2 A0 prints, black flatbed print on black paper
  • 3 leporello’s, uniques
  • 1 3D print in bronze, miniature
  • 3 prints on silk/cotton blend fabric, 260 x 120cm, banners
  • 1 defunct external hard drive
  • Various prints on paper, framed or mounted on panels

Works in the exhibition: