Cluster, Lost_Horizon.backup, LhGWR gallery, 2017, Alexandra Crouwers

Alexandra Crouwers, wallpaper design for Lost_Horizon, 2017

Alexandra Crouwers, Lost_Horizon, wallpaper design

Alexandra Crouwers, Galactic Ripple - Lost_Horizon, 2017

Alexandra Crouwers, Galactic Ripple, 4K seamless loop, 2'00", colour/silent, 2017

Alexandra Crouwers, Lost_Horizon, Cluster 3, The_Archive

Alexandra Crouwers, Hand Axe 3D print, bronze, 2017

Galactic Ripple II, Alexandra Crouwers, inkjetprint on 200 grams drawing paper, gold ink, blue ink, 31 x 62 cm, 2017

Galactic Ripple I, inkjetprint on 200 grams drawing paper, gold ink, blue ink, 31 x 62 cm, 2017, Alexandra Crouwers

Alexandra Crouwers, music video, last voices, 2017

Alexandra Crouwers, music video, last voices, 2017

Still from 'Last Voices', 2017


Solo exhibition at LhGWR gallery, The Hague, 2017

The exhibition project Lost_Horizon was an attempt to escape not only the black box my video works were confined to, but equally disconnect my artistic practice from another box, the moniker ‘video-artist’.

Next to this, there was a desire to connect my digital practice to the origins of art making within human evolution. See these emoji proposals (2021) for a much more effective method.

Most of the works were the result of a condensed 2-month working period, experimenting with various carriers for still based works (prints – framed or mounted on panels, wallpaper, leporello’s), and loop media on vertical (Galactic Ripple and Triton) and horizontal screens (The_Archive). It also introduced a projection, Last Voices, though more as an afterthought.

During the working period an external hard drive broke down. This .backup was also on display. The exhibition turned out to also be a .breakup, since I ended my collaboration with the gallery during the show for various reasons. The gallery is now defunct.

The exhibition admittedly didn’t turn out the way I set it out to do, though did provide an opportunity to try out new things. Some works have resonated since.

Works in the exhibition:

  • 2 mural prints
  • Galactic Ripple, 4K seamless vertical loop on flatscreen, colour/silent, 2’00”, 2017
  • The_Archive. Te pito o te kainga, HD seamless loop, colour/sound, 10’00”, 2017
  • Last Voices, HD, colour/sound, 6’00”, 2017. Soundtrack courtesy Anyon
  • Pirates I & Pirates II, UV glass framed A0 prints, black ink on black paper, 2017
  • The Curtain Call II, leporello, leporello, inkjet on hahnemühle paper, 260cm x 21cm, unique, 2017 (sold. private collection, France)
  • Karawan, leporello, inkjet on Hahnemühle paper, 260cm x 42cm, unique, 2017
  • Tool, miniature 3D print in bronze, 1,2mm, 2017
  • 3 prints on silk/cotton blend fabric, 260 x 120cm, banners
  • 1 defunct external hard drive
  • Various prints on paper, framed or mounted on panels, 2017