The White Hide [IV], Slide & videoprojection, no sound, 2016, Alexandra Crouwers

The White Hide (IV)

SD videoloop (colour, no sound) projected over a black and white slide projection, 2016

Two holographic deer bulls fight endlessly against the backdrop of a monumental and deserted landscape. The sound of the slide projector vent (not recorded in the video above) functions as the soundtrack of wind.

The work refers to Upper-Paleolithic cave paintings in several ways:

  • The work is projected straight on the wall (not on a screen).
  • Fighting animals, including deer, are a returning theme in a number of these paintings.
  • The landscape is reminiscent of post-Ice age landscapes (but might also be set in the far future).

Examples (taken from Cave Art, Jean Clottes. Phaidon Press Inc, London, 2008):

Chauvet cave, Ardèche, France (Panel of the Horses), fighting rhinoceroses. Charcoal drawing on rock. Length of left rhinoceros: c. 100 cm. Dated to +/- 32,000 years BP. (p. 38-39)

Below: (Bellowing?) Stag, manganese oxide on rock (Axial Gallery). Length: 117 cm. Lascaux Cave, Dordogne, France. Dated to +/- 18,000 years BP. (p. 108-109)

The White Hide has had several incarnations since it was conceived in 2012.

Above: The White Hide (I), 3 slide projectors (landscape slides found on a flea market), SD loop, 2012.
The White Hide (III), 3-channel hyperpanoramic installation view, The Big M, Isis Arts, various locations in the UK, 2013.