Some of my digital work is distributed as NFTs – non fungible tokens – on the Tezos blockchain, an ecological alternative to the mainstream blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Read my First notes on NFTs from April 2021 here. As of December 2021, I still haven’t gotten around to write a Second notes, since the space develops so quickly.

To start collecting, you’ll need a Tezos wallet (i.e. Kukai) and some Tezos cryptocoins (at Coinbase, for instance). Please note: this is not in any way financial advise. I’m only interested in the NFT as a partial solution for my digital practice.


I’m using NFTs as an archival storefront, and as a way to distribute parts of the output of my research to new audiences.

Because of all types of restrictions, such as upload size, not all works are suitable to turn into an NFT. In those cases, a derivative is made.

Creator address: tz1hHkndmCoSd7LNNK9QZwDJbaWnBmjpQeQX / alexandracrouwers.tez

Creator address: tz2AEvAAomCbAATtt7rBHuXuWXXgs1cAzLwD