This series was made on a mediocre iPhone 5 using the Instagram stories feature while researching 16th century visual culture.

Parallel to designing The Three Motions of Loom tapestries (‘Fundamental’ or ‘primary mechanics’ is a loom term), I found out that the rebus-like late Medieval (alchemy) emblema resembled compositions of equally modular emoji and .gif stickers.

The enigmatic ‘hole’ emoji – one of the few emojis that actually has some depth – turned out to be the perfect portal, simulating space in a flat screen.

These ultrashort animations were a quick way to investigate the artistic possibilities of consumer technology and prefab components.

At first, I used existing .gifs from the Giphy database, which is integrated in Instagram. After a while, though, I started missing elements, and applied for my own Giphy artist account.

Between August 2019 and May 2020 my Giphy account accumulated a whopping 195.1 million views, with one of my unicorns accounting for about 31 million of them.

I closed my account in May 2020 when Facebook bought the platform. I didn’t feel good about providing free content for that company.

A selection of 37 animations from the series was turned into a 3-edition video work, presented on a small, open frame screen.

When NFTs entered my field of view in February 2021, I realized the series seemed made for the NFT medium.

I turned the animations – originally saved as mp4s – into low res .gifs; a choice made for several reasons (compatibility, for instance, and to honour the original format of the stickers that were used).

After careful (ecological) consideration, I decided to publish the series on the platform Hic et Nunc.

The series was minted between April 10 and August 6, 2021.

In total 72 miniature animations are minted in two batches: 01/52 – 52/52, and ‘jokers’, 20 animations I had misplaced or overlooked: x0/a – x0/7.

01/52 is actually not an animation but a .jpg.

All Fundamental Mechanics were minted chronologically. There happened to be one numbering mistake: there are two 15/52s. The second one should be 16/52, of course.

No new FMs are added, nor burned. The acrwrs_FunMech account on HEN is entirely dedicated to this series.

The last FM, 0X/t, was minted on the occasion of NFT zine ‘In the Tickle of Warhol’s Fruit’ #4, which features the series and a short interview.

Each .gif is minted in an edition of 12. Six are individually available for 1-10 Tezos.

nr. (0)1/52 = 1 Tez (sold out)
2/52 = 2 Tez
3/52 = 3 Tez
4/52 = 4 Tez
5/52 – 20/52 = 5 Tez
21/52 – 40/52 = 6 Tez
41/52 – 50/52 = 7 Tez
51/52 – 52/52 = 8 Tez
Jokers = 10 Tez

At some point in the future 6 complete sets will be made available.

A Tezos wallet (i.e. Kukai) is needed, and some Tezos cryptocurrency (which you can find at Coinbase, for instance).

01/52 – 52/52

X0/a – X0/t