Horst Arts & Music Festival. Rosetta.

13.09 – 11.10.2015
Horst – Arts & Music Festival combines electronic music and in-situ visual arts.


Horst Arts & Music Festival, 2015, Alexandra Crouwers, Rosetta
Horst Arts & Music Festival, 2015, Alexandra Crouwers, Rosetta

For the second year in a row, curator Gijs Van Vaerenbergh (Pieterjan Gijs en Arnout Van Vaerenbergh) invites a selection of artists and designers to create art that makes use of the context, namely that of the historic and rural character of the castle, but also that of the two day music festival. The festival dedicates itself to present various pieces of art, each within its own tempo, ranging from digital, performance or video art to sculptures and temporary installations.

The festival weekend focuses on pieces that bridge both components of the festival. A prime example of this approach is the work that pioneering architectural duo Robbrecht & Daem architects designed for this second edition: a pavillion used as a stage during the festival.

Outdoor works: Robbrecht and Daem with Mouton / Filip Dujardin / Lodewijk Heylen / 88888 / Kaspar Hamacher / Wim Goossens & Arnaud Henderickx / Koen Sels
Indoor works: Children of the Light / Alexandra Crouwers