BOAT, Indian ink on paper, 1m50 x 2m22, 2011, Alexandra Crouwers

Last week ‘The Order of Volume I’ at LhGWR | 11 – 15 May at ‘De Brakke Grond’

Please note: next week will already be the last week you can visit the installation ‘The Order of Volume I’ LIVE at LhGWR, Stationsweg 55 in The Hague. Since experiencing my installations in reality is of course much better than just looking at the documentation I’d recommend a visit. LhGWR is open from tuesdays – saturdays from 12.00hrs until 18.00hrs (saturdays until 17.00hrs). It’s just a few minutes walk from The Hague Holland Spoor station to LhGWR.

Then, also the next week, only from wednesday the 11th uptil sunday the 15th of may, the series (in progress) of my recent large drawings will be shown at De Brakke Grond, Nes 45, in Amsterdam. This is a group exhibition which also features works of, amongst others, Lisa Jeannin and functions as an extension of art fair Art Amsterdam. De Brakke Grond is open from 10.00hrs – 18.00hrs and can be found right in the centre of Amsterdam, close to the Dam square. I’ll most likely be there on the 11th. There’s also some work at Art Amsterdam at the LhGWR booth and at the We Like Art booth.

Further, from the 2nd of july until the 28th of august, I’ll show a new installation (or a combination of components of other works) in Kortrijk, at one of the Broeltorens. Also, the 14th – 16th of june, the Felix Poetry Festival in Antwerp will take place. I’ve made the visuals for the programme/newspaper and the poster and probably some of my drawings will hang there as well.


Also, within a few weeks I should know if my research proposal for the PhDArts programme of KABK, The Hague in association with Leiden University will be accepted to be reviewed further for the second round. This second round is a live interview between me and the admission committee and should take place at the beginning of june. In case I get through to the second round, halfway june it should be clear whether I can pursue this phd or not. Because of this, on a personal level, this is a nervewrecking period. On a financial level it’s getting quite disasterous at the moment. I’ve been applying for loads of jobs, I think I would really be quite suitable for, in vain. Apparently – and this is what I keep hearing – this is mostly due to the fact that I’m an ‘artist’. Which seems to mean nobody wants to work with you. It’s rather discriminating, baffling and disappointing.

So, even if this borders on the verge of desperation: if any one of you readers has some faith in me, please give me a job. I make a mean coffee, can tell you a lot about human evolution, including Neanderthal extinction theories, will design your books and flyers, edit your texts in English and Dutch, make excellent music playlists, place stuff into historical contexts, make lame jokes and organize seemingly impossible events.