Karawan ~ leporello

  Karawan is a modern day interpretation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Instead of crossing the Styx with … Lees Meer

Works on paper | 2016

3 Inkjet prints on dark grey Canson Mi-teintes paper, 2016. From left to right: ‘Hand Axe’, ‘Monument’, and ‘Untitled’ (‘Untitled’ … Lees Meer

Works on paper | 2013

The Atelier [I], inkjetprint on matte paper, edition of 5, 2013 Diorama, inkjet on matte paper, 80 x 60 cm, … Lees Meer

Works on paper | 2010 – 2011

TRICK, Indian ink & acrylic paint on paper, 1m50 x 2m30, 2010 BOAT, Indian ink and acrylic marker on paper, … Lees Meer

The Cover Mountain

About The Cover Mountain is a completely handmade and handstitched booklet / one-time off magazine in an edition of 65 … Lees Meer