TEDx Flanders, teaser, Alexandra Crouwers, Denkbaar, 2013

Upcoming: Teaser TEDxFlanders Flemish Opera 10.2012 | Perte Totale Operations

Perte Totale Operations will perform for a full 8 minutes (yes, eight) at the Introspection TEDxFlanders event the 20th of october 2012. Featuring Antoine Boute, of course, JP de Gheest, Mauro Pawlowski and live video by Alexandra Crouwers.

Update: this will take place at 14:45. You can watch the live stream HERE. As far as I understood Belgian national television will also broadcast (parts of) the event.


Teaser for the TEDxFlanders event on October 20, 2012 at the Flemish Opera in Antwerp. 2012.tedxflanders.be/

Video by Alexandra Crouwers
Soundtrack courtesy M. Pawlowski