Grief Seamless loop, portrait, 3840 x 2160px (4K), colour/silent, 01’36”, 2021Photogrammetric 3d model (.obj, .c4d, .gbl), 2021 ‘Grief’ is the top of a decaying tree, left on a clear-cut. In September 2019, … Lees Meer

Fundamental Mechanics (37 miniatures in three chapters)

Fundamental Mechanics (37 miniatures in three chapters) Vertical HD/720p/1080i, colour/silent, 7’00”10″ open frame video screen, 2019 Fundamental Mechanics is a contemporary interpretation of a 16th century mystic emblem book. This version is … Lees Meer


Millennial.spike Seamless animationloop, HD1080, colour/sound, 5’30” + .obj, 2018edition of 5+1AP #diorama The departure point for the work is the bottle for a brand of rum, the temporary sponsor of independent artist … Lees Meer

Galactic Ripple

Galactic Ripple Seamless animation loop, 4K, vertical, colour/silent, 2’00”, 2017 A portal or mirror, this video-collage combines photography with 3D models, and a slowly animated NASA image providing a view on the … Lees Meer