∞ Noise as a soundtrack: loud machines and loud music.

Me, and my younger sister and brother grew up on the countryside, surrounded by grasslands, corn, and a small forest. Our grandparents were farmers, as were some of our relatives. Our father used to sell digging machines and road works equipment. On Sundays, we sometimes went to tractor-pulling events.

Our farmer’s cousins listened to Status Quo, which in our neighbourhood was perfectly in line with all other farmer’s children. Hardrock and heavy metal were the norm, here.



Tractors are pretty noisy. Digging machines too.



I developed a taste for ‘loud’ music, and noise music. My brother was drummer in a doom metal band. My sister is a hardrock and metal fan.

Black Sabbath came about due to an accidental meeting in a steelworks factory.

The hypothesis is as follows: if you grew up with loud machines, you’re inclined to enjoy the louder genres of music (such as metal, rock, noise). Can someone please do some research?


Listen to:

12 hours of engine sounds

Masonna – God save the Queen (psychedelic bachelor pad mix)

Status Quo’s straightforward humpa-rock

The anthem for the Dutch countryside farmer’s youth