My work can be seen live at the Base-Alpha gallery stand on Art Brussels and in room 103 of Hotel Bloom! as part of the Trajector Art Fair. Base-Alpha will also show works of Nadia Naveau, Michèle Matyn and Suse Weber.

Room 103 will be transformed into an installation-like presentation of some (new) works. At this moment I’m still busy with a new 3D-animation loop, which is meant to function as some sort of glue for the presenation, to help set the stage, so to speak. This animation has a soundtrack made by the versatile and everso lovely Belgian musician Tim Vanhamel – this soundtrack is at the same time the soundtrack for the whole room. Tim has kindly sent me a very recently recorded improvisation on guitar, which is absolutely beautiful and hallucinating. It combines Maroccan influences with, in my opinion, some blues and fits like a glove with my sudden Flemish Primitives obsession. The strings of his guitar sound a bit like bells of gold.

Due to the fact that the hotelroom has extremely limited possibilities – nothing can be attached to the walls, there are some furniture elements that can’t be removed and it’s not allowed to paint on the walls for instance – this space is annoyingly difficult to work with. I have to try to make the most of the damn room.

The animation and Tim’s soundtrack will also be used in an installation with walldrawings I’m going to make in the Antwerpian version of the SECONDroom project. There’s almost a week to build up and just one night to see the work: saturday the 15th of may from 18.00 untill 21.00 hrs. I’m looking forward to that, because the space is easy to transform into my universe.