Inertia @ Amsterdam Art Fair / other announcements

The 3-channel video installation INERTIA will be shown at the first edition of the Amsterdam Art Fair (Stadionplein, Amsterdam), from 27 – 31 May at the booth of gallery LhGWR.

Next to this work, some new video-loops are being shown on a screen. These new loops are heavily influenced by what is known in cinema as ‘matte painting’ – artificial backgrounds in which live-action is ‘composited’ (added) later. Due to the many layers of filtering the animations seem to get a painterly quality. Also, they explore machines as personas.

‘Charon’ shows a monster truck, slowly rotating in mid air above a mountainous, dusty and cloudy landscape. ‘Charon’ is the name of the ferryman in Greek mythology, who carries the dead across the river Styx in a boat. The truck is a proposed contemporary vehicle to cross the line between the living and the dead.

‘Charon’, HD loop, 3’00”, colour/no sound, 2015

‘Diggers’ (this is a working title, and the animation is still in progress) shows a circle of excavators in an evenly rough landscape. There’s a hole in front of them. They seem to perform some sort of ritual; a hail to the sky.

‘Diggers’, working title/working still, HD loop, 4’00”, colour, 2015

One of these films will probably also be shown at D.ART, Mechelen (B), during a festival from July 1st until July 5th at an empty building right across the station.

With, amongst many others, Denitsa Todorova, Frederik Van Simaey, Kristof Van Heeschvelde, Lara Dhondt, Roeland Tweelinckx, Sam Eggermont, Sarah Carlier, Sarah De Vos, Sarah van Marcke, Tamara Dees.

Also, I’m proud to mention edition 1/3 of INERTIA is since recently part of the Collectie De Groen, Arnhem (NL).