Mistakes: the artist talk

Antwerp, April 28, 2020 Wednesday, April 29, 2020 anno covidii, I was supposed to give a talk over lunch at … Lees Meer

Fundamental Mechanics NFT series

This series was made on a mediocre iPhone 5 using the Instagram stories feature while researching 16th century visual culture. … Lees Meer

Fundamental Mechanics (37 miniatures in three chapters)

A contemporary interpretation of a 16th century mystic emblem book. A selection of ultrashort animations, made using the Instagram stories … Lees Meer

Onder een koperen hemel

‘Onder een koperen hemel’ werd gemaakt in opdracht van het Poëziecentrum in Gent, als onderdeel van de presentatie van de … Lees Meer


#diorama The departure point for the work is a brand of rum, sponsoring independent artist run space Pulsar (Antwerp). The … Lees Meer

Galactic Ripple | installation | ministry of finance, The Hague

[nk_awb awb_type=”yt_vm_video” awb_image=”396948″ awb_video=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0MYvjS-6_M” awb_image_size=”full” awb_image_background_size=”cover” awb_image_background_position=”50% 50%” awb_video_start_time=”0″ awb_video_end_time=”0″]   [/nk_awb]    

Chisel (private commission/in situ work)

  A custom made variation on the work ‘Rosetta‘. ‘Chisel’ is a hypnotic loop of slowly animated ornaments and other … Lees Meer

Last Voices

Still from Last Voices, Soundtrack courtesy Anyon (Ernest van den Broek), HD, 6’00”, 2017 Bewaren Bewaren About Last Voices HD, … Lees Meer

Galactic Ripple

Galactic Ripple is a portal, a frame, or a mirror. A ‘cosmic egg’ shows a view on the universe (picture … Lees Meer

The_Archive (Te pito o te kainga)

‘Te pito o te kainga’ is part of the probable original name of Easter Island/Rapa Nui. It means ‘little piece … Lees Meer

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