The Manual

The Manual, installation view at D.ART, Mechelen, 2015 About The Manual shows a human/animal hybrid figure wearing headphones, and sitting … Lees Meer

The White Hide [III]

The White Hide 3-channel hyperpanoramic video installation (3xHD1080), colour, sound, 5’31”, 2013 About A slow travel movement through a post-apocalyptic … Lees Meer


‘Inertia’ is a homage to dystopian science fiction, the word referring to the slowdown in a pendulum movement. The work is a digital … Lees Meer

The Poisson’s Equation

Installation view The Poisson’s Equation Seamless loop, animation, HD1080, bw/w, no sound, 3’00”, 2014, edition of 3+1 artist copy About … Lees Meer

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