ⓘ Information panel (print on dibond mounted on wood, QR code, 118 x 71cm) in custom weathering steel frame, 2022 … Lees Meer

Emoji proposals

In June 2020, I submitted two proposals for emoji, to be added to the expanding digital pictogram vocabulary. Unfortunately, Unicode, … Lees Meer

The Three Motions of Loom

The Three Motions of Loom: a solo show, three tapestries, an edition, miniatures, and a video installation. Antwerp Art Pavilion, … Lees Meer

The Three Motions of Loom

The Three Motions of Loom Three gobelin woven tapestries, (organic) cotton, wool, viscose, acrylic, 162 x 296cm, 2019. Edition of … Lees Meer

Exhibition & installation views

Fundamental Mechanics. HD, colour/silent, 7’00”, 2019. Installation view at ‘The Three Motions of Loom’, 2019. Read more here. The Three … Lees Meer

Galactic Ripple | installation | ministry of finance, The Hague

[nk_awb awb_type=”yt_vm_video” awb_image=”396948″ awb_video=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0MYvjS-6_M” awb_image_size=”full” awb_image_background_size=”cover” awb_image_background_position=”50% 50%” awb_video_start_time=”0″ awb_video_end_time=”0″]   [/nk_awb]    

Hand Axe

  Based on the 3D model provided by the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.           … Lees Meer

Chisel [private commission]

Chisel Private commission / in situ video installation, Ghent, Belgium.Projection on transparent holographic foil mounted on window, 883 x 1920px, … Lees Meer

The White Hide [IV]

The White Hide (IV) SD videoloop (colour, no sound) projected over a black and white slide projection, 2016 Two holographic … Lees Meer


The title refers to the Schrödinger’s cat famous thought experiment, by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger, and relates to quantum superposition. … Lees Meer

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