The Compositor / Composing

12″ 180 grams black vinyl record, recto: 33rpm/45rpm audio, verso: engraving Sewn felt sleeve 60×60 folded poster, 30×30 inlay The … Lees Meer

Battlestar Antarctica.

Master paper for MfA Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. 2001.

971220 – 98320

Graduation paper for the Academy for Arts & Design (now AKV St. Joost), Den Bosch. 1998.

The Three Motions of Loom

The three tapestries of The Three Motions of Loom departed from two fragments of Wildevrouw, Belgian author Jeroen Olyslaegers’ novel-to-be … Lees Meer

Hand Axe

  Based on the 3D model provided by the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.           … Lees Meer