The Compositor / Composing

The Compositor / Composing 12″ 180 grams black vinyl record, recto: 33rpm/45rpm audio, verso: engraving. Sewn felt sleeve, 60×60 folded poster, 30×30 inlay The audio on this record was made using the … Lees Meer

Battlestar Antarctica.

Master paper for MfA Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. 2001.

971220 – 98320

Graduation paper for the Academy for Arts & Design (now AKV St. Joost), Den Bosch. 1998.

The Three Motions of Loom

The Three Motions of Loom Three gobelin woven tapestries, (organic) cotton, wool, viscose, acrylic, 162 x 296cm, 2019. Edition of 3. The three tapestries of The Three Motions of Loom departed from … Lees Meer

Hand Axe

  Based on the 3D model provided by the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.