Practical Applied Hermetics II at S.M.A.K. Museum, Ghent

Practicle Applied Hermetics II
acrylic paint on wall, projected 5′ animationloop [soundtrack courtesy Tim Vanhamel], safelights
6m x 3m x 4m
Below: stills from the animation

Below an impression of the installation

An overview of the installation Practicle Applied Hermetics II at the exhibition ‘Hareng Saur: Ensor and Contemporary Art’ in the museums S.M.A.K. and MSK in Ghent, Belgium, running from oktober 31, 2010 until february 27, 2011.

Mural drawing (black acrylic paint on wall, apprx. 5,5m x 3,2m x 3,5m), animation projection (looped, 5′), soundtrack ©by Tim Vanhamel, safelight.

The design for the drawing and the animation were made in a virtual 3D program.

Alexandra Crouwers