Solo exhibition at Base-Alpha Gallery. Murals, prints on paper, animation + a performance night. 2009 – 2010.

Practical Applied Hermetics II at S.M.A.K. Museum, Ghent

    Practicle Applied Hermetics II acrylic paint on wall, projected 5′ animationloop [soundtrack courtesy Tim Vanhamel], safelights 6m x 3m x 4m 2010 Below: stills from the animation Below an impression of the installation An overview of the installation Practicle Applied Hermetics II at the exhibition ‘Hareng Saur: Ensor and Contemporary Art’ in the

Invitation Hareng Saur. Ensor and contemporary art. SMAK & MSK, Ghent.

                    INVITATION opening 30.10.2010  14.00 – 18.00 Hareng Saur: Ensor and contemporary art The exhibition Hareng Saur: Ensor and Contemporary Art, a unique collaboration between the Ghent Museum of Fine Arts (MSK) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (S.M.A.K.), opens on 30 October. It is our pleasure to

Exhibition at SecondRoom

Above: left wall of the space. Black paint on wall, safelight, projection of 3D-animationloop with Antwerp-based musician Tim Vanhamel’s soundtrack. The safelights made the black paint turn infinate and the projection, which was the same I used during the Trajector Art Fair in Brussels a couple of weeks earlier, was projected onto the black surface.

Art Brussels | Trajector Art Fair

HotelBloom, Alexandra Crouwers, 2010

Below two overviews of the installation I finally made in room #103 of Hotel Bloom! in Brussels as part of the Trajector Art Fair. Which was in fact a really weird happening if you ask me. The installation consitst out of a lamp with a 7watt bulb in it, two bamboo sticks (very important!), black

Base-Alpha Gallery. Dunsmuir: performance night. 06.02.2010. A report.

On the lovely evening of the 6th of february all these artists performed live in my exhibition at the Base-Alpha gallery: W. Ravenveer F.L.U.T. (Harry Heirmans & Rufus Mich) Teun de Lange and Miguel Horatio Sosa Butsenzeller versus Max Rouen Mauro Pawlowski and Eric Thielemans with a virtual Antoine Boute   I’ve never really understood

Fax Project at the Torrance Art Museum

The Torrance Art Museum shows a travelling exhibition project in co-operation with Independent Curators International, NYC the FAX-project, which is curated by João Ribas of the Drawing Center. I’m participating with 4 drawings, which were made on A4’s and form together one bigger drawing of A2 size. I also faxed a more or less drawn

LhGWR. Duo with Johan Gustavsson.

Together with Johan Gustavsson I’m showing drawings at Liefhertje & de Grote Witte Reus, Stationsweg 55, 2515 BJ, The Hague. This exhibition is running from 19.12.09 up till 06.02.10 and they’re open from tuesdays through saturdays from 10 am-19 pm. Before this exhibition Robert Jan Verhagen, who’s in fact de Grote Witte Reus (The Big

Base-Alpha Gallery. Dunsmuir. (Solo)

17.12.2009 – 27.02.2010 Dunsmuir, solo show at Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp Dunsmuir is a small town in the mountains of northern California. I accidentally passed through this town on a road trip in the summer of 2009. I was only there for less than five minutes, but this was apparently enough for my imagination to run