The White Hide

Until the 25th of march the modest ‘Rio-show’ with Jelle Kindt, Cesar Raes and myself can be visited at the former Factor 44 space, Bleekhofstraat 44, Antwerp. The exhibition is open every weekend from 14.00 – 18.00 hrs. Two of my brand new and experimental low-tech works are on display, see images and video below.

‘The White Hide’
Overview installation/projection.
3 Slideprojections, videoprojection
colour/no sound/HD loop/2’18/2012
©Alexandra Crouwers

‘Retro’, print on sheet, colored sheet, overhead projector. The short story ‘Retro’ was written in 2004. ©Alexandra Crouwers, 2012. Click on image to enlarge and read.