Friday The 13th. Ra. The White Hide II.

13.04.2012 – 13.05.2012

Opening Friday The 13th, 2012
Ra, Antwerp

The White Hide [II], installation view, 2012


6-9 PM: Opening: Friday, April 13, 2012
6 Artists: Alexandra Crouwers (NL), Sacha Eckes (B/USA), Laurent Impeduglia (B), Rufus Michielsen (B), Kottie Paloma (USA), Mon Colonel & Spit (B)
9PM: Performance F.LU.T. (Rufus Michielsen and Harry Heirmans)

10 PM – 2 AM: Party with DeeJays FAESBINDER en HERMANN D


Is Friday the 13th an unlucky day? Not to these 6 artists who share a love for the absurd, the cynical, comics and other underground and popular culture and darker aspects of life. Artists not afraid to confront the viewer with the harder truths in life, but coated with a candy colored sense of humor but sometimes bathed in deeper shades of grey.

Artist links:
Alexandra Crouwers:
Sacha Eckes:
Laurent Impeduglia:
Kottie Paloma:
Rufus Michielsen:
Mon Colonel & Spit: