The Appeal of the Unreal

The Plot, Three Trees, photogrammetric model, May 2021. Alexandra Crouwers. The Appeal of the Unreal PhD in Arts in Animation 2019 – 2023Keywords: ecology, ecological trauma, science-fiction, myth-building, inter-medial practices Between October 2019 … Lees Meer

∞ 2D / 3D: fiction dioramas, dark rides, the Eidophusikon, and a rant on theme park Efteling

Are prehistoric caves dioramas? And why am I talking about theme park Efteling? Hey, and what in the world is an Eidophusikon?

∞ 2D / 3D: On screens as dioramas as screens, part 1

Illusions behind glass: 2D surfaces versus 3D, and the computer screen as a perpetual diorama.

∞ The fiction fix: cognitive fluidity and fake news

Proposing the idea of experiencing or creating multiple realities as the default human state.


Millennial.spike Seamless animationloop, HD1080, colour/sound, 5’30” + .obj, 2018edition of 5+1AP #diorama The departure point for the work is the bottle for a brand of rum, the temporary sponsor of independent artist … Lees Meer