Installation view, Studio Omstand, Arnhem (NL), 2016, Alexandra Crouwers
Installation view, Studio Omstand, Arnhem (NL), 2016


Rosetta was made for the Horst arts & music festival in the castle of Horst (Holsbeek, B). During the festival the video was projected outside, on the castle’s tower. Afterwards, the video was installed inside of the castle, and projected on the interior wall.

The animation consists out of rotating 3D-models of ornaments, forming a caleidoscopic, moving hyper-ornament. The ornaments are based on the ornamentation of the castle’s ceilings.

The animation is meant to be projected on a ceiling, adding both an ornament to possible modernistic architecture, and re-enforcing the notion of the ceiling ‘breaking open’, in an almost divine fashion.


2015 Horst Arts & Music festival, Horst Castle, Holsbeek (B). Curated by Gijs van Vaerenbergh. With:

Robbrecht en Daem architecten / Filip Dujardin / Kaspar Hamacher / Children of the Light / Alexandra Crouwers / Lodewijk Heylen / Meeus van Dis / 88888 / Wim Goossens & Arnaud Hendrickx / Koen Sels

2016 The White Hide, solo at Studio Omstand, Arnhem (NL). Curated by Marjolein de Groen.




Rosetta Alexandra Crouwers Horst Festival
Rosetta projected in Horst Castle, 2015