DUNSMUIR: INTERMISSION on the 6th of february from 8 PM

The exhibition at the Base-Alpha gallery in Antwerp has been prolonged from the original 6th of february untill the 27th of february. This made me think about arranging some sort of performance-night in the backspace of the gallery. This space resembles some sort of temple, or a cave but also a town square at night.

Because music in general is very important to me and my work and the soundtrack of the animation ‘Dunsmuir’ somehow defines the exhibition and the whole installation I asked befriended musicians to work around either the music of the animation (which is ‘Seance on a wet afternoon’ by the fantastic John Barry) or a soundfile I recorded through Skype in which Ashley, who actually was in Dunsmuir with me, reads out the text of the animation. Note that the quality of the sound is poor, because of the Skype recording:

This evening will consist out of several short sets of these great people, I’m proud to present:
F.L.U.T., which are Harry Heirmans and Rufus Michielsen and an everchanging mixture of guest musicians who are not always musicians per se. The plan is for me to play with them this evening. I still have to practise my bass skills, since I haven’t played bass in over ten years. Stiff fingers.
Eric Thielemans, an incredible drummer and improviser. Known for many, many collaborations and solo works, like ‘A snare is a bell’.
Butsenzeller, a long-armed fantastic drummer and dj. He’ll be doing something solo on this laptop.
Max Rouen, a cut & paste tape wizard and who’s real name is Niels Borrey. He’s probably going to bring one of his ’70’s vintage synths.
Mauro Pawlowski, in a collaboration with Antoine Boute. Mauro mostly plays the guitar but also does a pile of other things. Antoine is a poet/writer from Brussels, who’ll be in Canada that evening. He’ll perform through Skype and will be projected in the gallery where Mauro will somehow do something.
W. Ravenveer, also known as Gypsy Flemming or Erwin. Noiseguitarguy. I remember I first saw him play on a bird cage, I think.
Miguel Sosa and Teun de Lange. Miguel is originally from Argentina and works in projects like The Strumpets and The Parallels. Teun is a metadater, or something similar. They’ll be making a performance/installation called: ‘Dunsmuir to Dunsmuir 51.215901,4.434681 to 41.222475,-122.276083 (Gas station)’. So now you know.

After these performances there’ll be a ritual slaughter, an occult conspiracy, an exorcism or a small party. With West Coast hip hop for instance.