Pulsar. Setup.

17.06.2016 – 19.06.2016 Opening: 17.06 at 19:00 With Manu Engelen, Fia Cielen, Alexandra Crouwers, David Wauters, Timothy Segers, Vincent Vandaele, Lydia Debeer. See also pulsar.website.               … Lees Meer

The White Hide 2012-2022

The White Hide (I) 3 analog found slides of mountainous landscapes, Kodak projectors, SD projection of holographic fighting deer, 2012(II) single screen HD video loop, colour/audio, 3’40”, 2012(III) 3-channel hyper panoramic video … Lees Meer

Studio Omstand. The White Hide. (Solo)

06.02.2016 – 28.02.2016 Opening Pulse 4, 06.02.16, 16:00     Untitled [KAP], slide-installation, Kodak projector, slide-mask, slide from digital file, 1/1, 2016 Rosetta, videoloop, 3D-animation composit projected on the ceiling, b/w, no … Lees Meer

ISIS Arts. The White Hide [III]. Berwick Film and Media Arts festival, UK

In 2013 the three-channel video installation ‘The White Hide III‘ was part of the ‘On the Precipice’ programme of ISIS Arts: curated by artist Kelly Richardson, and touring Northern England and Scotland … Lees Meer

Upcoming: May 2013 | Perte Totale Operations, music video Strumpets, The White Hide III, I.M. Dog, Star

On Saturday May 11 Perte Totale Operations is performing at the Maelström Festival in Espace Sengor, Etterbeek (Brussels), with Antoine Boute, JP de Gheest, Mauro Pawlowski and myself as vj.     … Lees Meer

Friday The 13th. Ra. The White Hide II.

13.04.2012 – 13.05.2012 Opening Friday The 13th, 2012 Ra, Antwerp     6-9 PM: Opening: Friday, April 13, 2012 6 Artists: Alexandra Crouwers (NL), Sacha Eckes (B/USA), Laurent Impeduglia (B), Rufus Michielsen … Lees Meer

F44 (sic). Rio. The White Hide I.

Overview of the installation at F44 (sic), Antwerp. 3 Slide-projections, videoloop, 2’18”, no sound/colour, 2012.