∞ Bling: why humans like shiny things.

Not only humans like shiny things, but some animals take a liking to hyper-reflective objects too, which is why my mother used to compare me to a magpie. As a child, I collected the transparent and metallic wrappers of chocolates and other sweets. I flattened them carefully, and kept them in a shoe box. Fellow

∞ White Walls: a destruction.

Spacious, clean, white rooms have, throughout the last century, become the standard in both living and gallery spaces. Of course in its conception Modernism was a radical departure of the dark, upholstered, and often dizzying textured spaces of the pre-War(s) era. The definite shift of Modernism from the avant-garde experiment into mainstream design took place

∞ Video poetry: blur is your best friend. A tutorial.

The moving image has many different genres and sub-genres. Film and television are the most prominent houses, overgrown with commercial video advertising. Then there are documentaries, art house shorts, experimental animation, gifs, music videos, video art, and what not. In some cases music videos can be more interesting video art than what’s being shown in