∞ 2D / 3D: fiction dioramas, dark rides, the Eidophusikon, and a rant on theme park Efteling

Are prehistoric caves dioramas? And why am I talking about theme park Efteling? Hey, and what in the world is an Eidophusikon?

∞ Buit (*): an alternative approach to returning artifacts to their origins.

A fair trade: exchanging artifacts between former colonies and former colonizing nations.

∞ 2D / 3D: On screens as dioramas as screens, part 1

Illusions behind glass: 2D surfaces versus 3D, and the computer screen as a perpetual diorama.

∞ The fiction fix: cognitive fluidity and fake news

Proposing the idea of experiencing or creating multiple realities as the default human state.

∞ Five Car Stud/Cremaster citation

The impressive and disturbing Edward Kienholz installation ‘Five Car Stud‘ (1972) is a life-sized diorama of the castration of a black man. This nocturnal scene is set in a circle of five … Lees Meer

∞ Bling: why humans like shiny things.

Not only humans like shiny things, but some animals take a liking to hyper-reflective objects too, which is why my mother used to compare me to a magpie. As a child, I … Lees Meer

∞ White Walls: a destruction.

Spacious, clean, white rooms have, throughout the last century, become the standard in both living and gallery spaces. Of course in its conception Modernism was a radical departure of the dark, upholstered, … Lees Meer

∞ Noise as a soundtrack: loud machines and loud music.

Me, and my younger sister and brother grew up on the countryside, surrounded by grasslands, corn, and a small forest. Our grandparents were farmers, as were some of our relatives. Our father … Lees Meer

∞ Video poetry: blur is your best friend. A tutorial.

The moving image has many different genres and sub-genres. Film and television are the most prominent houses, overgrown with commercial video advertising. Then there are documentaries, art house shorts, experimental animation, gifs, … Lees Meer