Pulsar. Just the tip.

With Fia Cielen, Alexandra Crouwers, Lydia Debeer, Manu Engelen 07.10 – 30.10 Opening: 07.10, 19:00

Pulsar. Setup.

17.06.2016 – 19.06.2016 Opening: 17.06 at 19:00 With Manu Engelen, Fia Cielen, Alexandra Crouwers, David Wauters, Timothy Segers, Vincent Vandaele, … Lees Meer

The White Hide [IV]

The White Hide (IV) SD videoloop (colour, no sound) projected over a black and white slide projection, 2016 Two holographic … Lees Meer

Untitled [KAP]

About Untitled [KAP] The image of a ghostlike hood, which on second glance is made out of white marble is … Lees Meer

Een groep. De Ziener.

15.05.2016 – 26.06.2016 Opening 15.05.16, 15:00   Group show with Fia Cielen, Elke Van Kerckvoorde, Raphaël Buedts, Vincent de Roder, … Lees Meer

Studio Omstand. The White Hide. (Solo)

06.02.2016 – 28.02.2016 Opening Pulse 4, 06.02.16, 16:00     Untitled [KAP], slide-installation, Kodak projector, slide-mask, slide from digital file, … Lees Meer