Nereda 2: a Hydromancy

Nereda 2: a HydromancyHD, colour/audio, 06’30”, 2024Produced with the support of EU Creative Europe, HKU Utrecht (The Netherlands), Audio recorded at the HDSR waste water treatment plant at Overvecht (NL). Nereda … Lees Meer


NGMI vertical HD (1080x1920px / 9:16), colour/audio, 12’00”, 02022 “Who would’ve thought the end of the worldwould look like mowed lawns,a holiday to Greece, or a new pair of jeans?” “what a … Lees Meer

Opening Sat, Sept 16: ‘Lost_Horizon.backup’

Lost_Horizon.backup   Solo show at LhGWR Gallery, The Hague. Opening Saturday afternoon, September 16 2017.   New works on paper, video/animation, and other, based on my ever growing digital collection of archaeolical, … Lees Meer

Studio Omstand. The White Hide. (Solo)

06.02.2016 – 28.02.2016 Opening Pulse 4, 06.02.16, 16:00     Untitled [KAP], slide-installation, Kodak projector, slide-mask, slide from digital file, 1/1, 2016 Rosetta, videoloop, 3D-animation composit projected on the ceiling, b/w, no … Lees Meer

Inertia. LhGWR Gallery. (Solo)

21.02.2015 – 11.05.2015 Opening 21.02.15, 15:00  

Inertia @ LhGWR, The Hague

The 3-channel hommage to dystopian science fiction ‘Inertia’ is moving up North to the LhGWR gallery in The Hague. Opening on Saturday, February 21 at LhGWR, Stationsweg 137, The Hague, NL. Just … Lees Meer

LhGWR. I.M. Dog, Star. (Solo)

17.03.2013 – 12.03.2013 The title ‘I.M. Dog, Star’ refers to the star Sirius, the brightest star in our Earthly sky, and known as the ‘Dog Star’ because of its appearance in the … Lees Meer

I.M. Dog, Star | 17.03.13 | Solo at LhGWR gallery, The Hague

I’m currently working on a new solo-show at LhGWR gallery in The Hague, which opens march 17. More info will follow soon. Below some stills and prints of some of the works … Lees Meer

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