I’m currently working on two video/animation installations, which should be ready within a couple of months. One is a flexible installation, made up from initially three seperately looping projections of diorama’s, with … Lees Meer

Upcoming: Teaser TEDxFlanders Flemish Opera 10.2012 | Perte Totale Operations

Perte Totale Operations will perform for a full 8 minutes (yes, eight) at the Introspection TEDxFlanders event the 20th of october 2012. Featuring Antoine Boute, of course, JP de Gheest, Mauro Pawlowski … Lees Meer


Donderdag/thursday 14/06/2012 FELIX POETRY FESTIVAL  14 en 15 juni 2012FelixPakhuis Antwerpen (Godefriduskaai 30, 2000 Antwerpen, toon op kaart)tickets:5 euro (+ 1 euro administratiekost) per avond, reserveer online10 euro aan de deur De Brusselse … Lees Meer

The White Hide

Until the 25th of march the modest ‘Rio-show’ with Jelle Kindt, Cesar Raes and myself can be visited at the former Factor 44 space, Bleekhofstraat 44, Antwerp. The exhibition is open every … Lees Meer


I’ve made a video for the 23 minute audio recording of a performance by Brussels writer Antoine Boute and guitarist Jean De Lacoste. The text – ‘Psychopathische Polar’ – is in Dutch … Lees Meer

Broeltoren Kortrijk. Paradise Lost Paradise.

Overview ‘DaHiL’ [Dig a Hole into Light] at the Paradise Lost Paradise exhibition/Roelant Savery tribute in the Broeltoren in Kortrijk. Participating artists: Honoré d’ O (B), Bernd Trasberger (Dui), Nadia Naveau (B), … Lees Meer


                <br /><small><a style=’color:#0000FF;text-align:left’ href=’http://maps.google.be/maps?hl=nl&ie=UTF8&ll=51.413638,5.655604&spn=0.002396,0.005756&t=k&z=18&source=embed’>Grotere kaart weergeven</a><br /></small><small><img src=’http://lh4.ggpht.com/_zz2RWcSp0Cs/TdPjAUQjjVI/AAAAAAAAA9Y/oyXAGodEHLM/%5BUNSET%5D.jpg?imgmax=800′ style=’max-width: 800px;’ /></small><br /><br /><div class=’zemanta-pixie’><img src=’http://img.zemanta.com/pixy.gif?x-id=f3102185-c9cd-8b9e-a1a1-439d7c4f9dfc’ alt=” class=’zemanta-pixie-img’ /></div></div><div class=”blogger-post-footer”>http://www.devierdewand.blogspot.com/ http://www.devierdewand.blogspot.com/

Last week ‘The Order of Volume I’ at LhGWR | 11 – 15 May at ‘De Brakke Grond’

Please note: next week will already be the last week you can visit the installation ‘The Order of Volume I’ LIVE at LhGWR, Stationsweg 55 in The Hague. Since experiencing my installations … Lees Meer

The Order of Volume I

Installation overview/excerpt of ‘The Order of Volume I’ at LhGWR, The Hague Mural, black paint & reflective black paint on wall, 3m30 x 3m60 x 5m, wooden gate, projected animation loop, 14′, … Lees Meer

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