Complicit Vertical 4k video (2.160 x 3.840px, 19:6), colour/audio, 4’20”, 02022HD video, colour/silent, 6’00”, 02020-02022Pink light, custom bean bags, curtainInstallation views at Collectie De Groen (NL) Complicit first emerged as a chapter … Lees Meer


NGMI vertical HD (1080x1920px / 9:16), colour/audio, 12’00”, 02022 “Who would’ve thought the end of the worldwould look like mowed lawns,a holiday to Greece, or a new pair of jeans?” NGMI is … Lees Meer

From the digital art collection of Alexandra Crouwers: Cofveve

Cofveve, Lorna Mills, .gif animation, 2020 | Published online for HART magazine. Nederlandse versie via deze link.Collection: In a fairly recent development, digital art can be traded and collected in editions … Lees Meer

WAGMI: an awkward dance of art and crypto

WAGMI is a concise article for Belgian art magazine HART about collecting digital art in the NFT space. Published March 2022, in HART magazine #222.


ⓘ Information panel (print on dibond mounted on wood, QR code, 118 x 71cm) in custom weathering steel frame, 2022 Permanent installation at The Plot (Lierop, NL). Steel frame with irregularly interchanging … Lees Meer