From the digital art collection of Alexandra Crouwers: Cofveve

Cofveve, Lorna Mills, .gif animation, 2020 | Published online for HART magazine. Nederlandse versie via deze link.Collection: In a fairly recent development, digital art can be traded and collected in editions … Lees Meer

WAGMI: an awkward dance of art and crypto

WAGMI is a concise article for Belgian art magazine HART about collecting digital art in the NFT space. Published March 2022, in HART magazine #222.


Grief Seamless loop, portrait, 3840 x 2160px (4K), colour/silent, 01’36”, 2021Photogrammetric 3d model (.obj, .c4d, .gbl), 2021 ‘Grief’ is the top of a decaying tree, left on a clear-cut. In September 2019, … Lees Meer

The Garden of The Forking Paths

(We are in) The Garden of The Forking Paths 4K (3840 × 2160px) seamless loop, colour/sound, 00’14”, 2021 A stand-alone reworked version of a ‘waiting room’ chapter from Mistakes. The artist talk. (HD, colour/sound, … Lees Meer


GoodBye Alexandra Crouwers, seamless video loop, 4k, colour/silent, 00’42”, 2021 Based on a photogrammetric digital model of three dead tree trunks left on The Plot – a former forest that had to … Lees Meer

Fundamental Mechanics NFT series

Fundamentall Mechanics / collection token This series was made on a mediocre iPhone 5 using the Instagram stories feature while researching 16th century visual culture. Parallel to designing The Three Motions of … Lees Meer